Frequently Asked Questions

Can you live on the site permanently ?

Pen-y Glol is licenced by Flintshire county council as a caravan park for holiday home use only .
Owners must have a proven permanent residence elsewhere ,
and Pen Y Glol ltd retain the right to cancel any licence agreement of owners who abuse this rule.
How long is your season?
Pen y glol opens on MARCH 1ST and is open for 10.5 months until JAN 6TH the following year
How much are the site fees?
Annual site fees for 2024 are £3300 including vat
What are the other costs involved ?
Pen y Glol issue a rates bill , to cover business rates , which was £140 for 2023 . £152 for 2024
Electricity is charged art 26. p per unit +vat@5%.
An electrical service charge is also levied , to cover any expenditure on the electrical infrastructure of the park.
varies 2017, £55 2018 £42
2023 52 2024 estimated at £60
Gas bottles are currently £85 per 47kg bottle .

Prices are subject to market forces and anticipated to rise soon
Do you own the plot , when you buy a caravan ?
Once you buy a caravan on park either from Pen y Glol ltd or privately, you pay an annual site fee to locate your caravan on one of our plots . The site agreement stipulates how long the caravan can remain on that plot as long as site rules are complied with . The licence agreement terms and conditions
also stipulate caravans may be re-located to other plots , of a similar standard ,if necessary .
After purchasing a caravan , do we get a contract?
All caravans are issued with a BH&HPA approved licence agreement , which stipulates the terms and conditions of the sale , and the terms and conditions of keeping your caravan on Pen Y Glol .
These should be read and adhered to , along with the rules of the park, issued at the same time .
Is Pen Y Glol GDPR compliant?
Any personal data you give to us will be processed in accordance with the law.
A copy of our privacy notice is available to view in the office, and our data use outlined in the licence agreement .
Are we allowed to sell our caravan privately ?
Subject to a sales transfer fee , of 15%+vat or £1200+vat whichever is higher , Pen Y Glol ltd do permit private sales,
subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the licence agreement .
A gas test and electrical circuit test are needed pre-sale
Pen y Glol have the final say as to who is allowed to purchase on the park .
For owners wishing to sell their caravans off site , a disconnection charge may apply , and owners are liable for any de-siting and removal costs.
Are pets allowed?
Pen Y Glol is pet friendly , but as a woodland park ,that encourages bird life , cats are not allowed .
Dogs are permitted as long as they are cleaned up after , kept on a lead whilst on the park , and taken into their owners' caravans and quietened down if they bark persistently .
Owners who's dogs are not controlled adequately may be asked to leave the park .
We have a woodland walk where owners can exercise their dogs
What is your accessibility statement ?
At Pen y Glol we endeavour to make our park as accessible as possible to all. However we are located in an old quarry on a hillside which can make things difficult for some.

There are large areas of the park where access should be no problem.

Anyone requiring ramped access to a caravan should contact the office and we can help to co-ordinate installation with local tradesmen
What happens to my caravan at the end of the licence agreement ?
Once the licence agreements end, Pen y Glol ltd will work with owners and our network of local dealers to supply an upgrade if desired.
For owners not wishing to upgrade, caravans can also be sold or relocated ,off site with owners liable for any disconnection , de-siting and transport costs .
For any caravan unfit for resale , a scrapping or removal charge of minimum £1000+ vat applies .
Does Pen y Glol provide insurance?
Pen Y Glol ltd are introducers for Leisuredays insurance , who will provide a completive quote .
All owners must have caravan insurance , those choosing to use their own insurers may face an administration charge .
All owners need to provide the office with a schedule of insurance on an annual basis.
Do you allow tents and touring caravans .
Unfortunately not .
Pen Y Glol caravan park provides pitches for owner occupiers , it has no rental fleet , no tent or tourer facilities , and no subletting of caravans is permitted
Do you only sell new caravans?
Pen Y Glol ltd can co-ordinate a purchase of a new caravan if wanted and should a pitch be available, but generally sell pre-owned caravans at a reasonable price .
Contact the office for further information or look at our caravans for sale page .
Is buying a caravan a good investment ?
Caravans are a depreciating asset and should be viewed as a luxury purchase .
Think carefully about , not only about the initial costs, but the ongoing ones over the course of the licence agreement , be they annual site fees & rates ,as well as heating and lighting costs .
Even if you sell you will be liable to pay a sales transfer fee and for any necessary safety checks.
Obviously the more , you use the caravan ,the better value you get , especially when viewed against the financial and carbon footprint costs of foreign holidays.